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PostDocs & Visiting Scholars

Forbes Boyle (Postdoctoal Scholar and Project Director, 2006-2011, Peet)
“Vegetation of the Carolinas”

Xianhua Liu (Postdoctoral Scholar, 2003-06, Peet)
“Software applications for creating, managing, and applying taxonomic concepts in biodiversity informatics”

Jason D. Fridley (Postdoctoral Scholar, 2002-06, White & Peet)
“The influence of species diversity on ecosystem productivity in different environments: Experimental plant communities and theory.”

Nico M. Franz (Postdoctoral Scholar 2003-05, Peet)
“Use of Taxonomic concepts in taxonomy, ecology and biodiversity informatics”

Dan C. Gafta (Visiting Scholar 1998-99, Peet)
“Response of herb cover and richness to site conditions and overstory structure in southern Appalachian forests.”

Eric Kjellmark (Postdoctoral Scholar 1995-96, Peet)
“Fire-adapted vegetation of the Southeastern Coastal Plain: A template for restoration of the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem”

Steven K. Rice (Postdoctoral Scholar, 1995-96, Peet)
“Vegetation of the lower Roanoke River floodplain.”

Hong Qian (Postodctoral Scholar 1995, White)

Richard Duncan (Postdoctoral Scholar 1993-94, Peet)
“Fire-adapted vegetation of the Carolina Sandhills: A template for restoration.”

Thomas Philippi (Postdoctoral Scholar, 1992-95, Peet)
“Long-term Studies of Forest Dynamics: Analysis of Seedling and Sapling Populations”

Richard Busing (Postdoc 1992, White)
“Species diversity and small-scale disturbance in an old-growth temperate forest”

Michael W. Palmer (Postdoctoral Scholar, 1988-89, White)
“Scale dependence and the species-area relationship.”

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PhD Students

Christopher Payne (Ph.D., Ecology, 2018, Peet)
Long-term temporal dynamics of the Duke Forest“; (Appendices)

Samantha Tessel (Ph.D., Ecology, 2017, White)
“Dispersal effects on species distribution and diversity across multiple scales in the southern Appalachian mixed mesophytic flora”

Bianca Lopez (Ph.D., Ecology, 2017, White)
“The effects of urbanization on riparian forests in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina”

Dennis Tarasi (Ph.D., Ecology, 2016, Peet)
Community interactions and impacts of exotic plant species in the southeastern United States

“Peter Wilfahrt (Ph.D., Ecology, 2016, White)
“From old fields to forests: Understanding plant successional dynamics through the lens of functional traits”

Kyle Palmquist (Ph.D. Ecology, 2014, Peet)
Community Assembly and Vegetation Patterns Across Space and Time in the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

Jacqueline White (Ph.D. Ecology, 2013, Peet)
The impact of the altered floodplain hydrology of the lower Roanoke River on tree regeneration and floodplain forest composition

Elizabeth Rainey Matthews (Ph.D. Ecology, 2011, Peet)
Piedmont alluvial vegetation: classification, geographic variation, and restoration

Brooke Ellen Wheeler (Ph.D. Ecology, 2011, Peet)
Species diversity of vegetation fo the Carolinas: the influence and interaction of scale of observation, soil nutrients, and disturbance events

Lee Ann Jacobs Reilly (Ph.D. Biology, 2010, Peet)
A quantitative approach to defining rarity

Jeffrey Eric Ott (Ph.D. Biology, 2010, Peet)
Individualistic and phylogenetic perspectives on plant community patterns

Jennifer Costanza (Ph.D. Ecology, 2010, White and Moody)
“Conservation of the longleaf pine ecosystem : ecology and social context”

Dane Kuppinger (Ph.D. Ecology, 2008, White)
“Post-fire vegetation dynamics and the invasion of Paulownia tomentosa in the southern Appalachians”

Meghan McKnight (Ph.D. Ecology, 2007, White)
Broad-scale patterns and determinants of beta-diversity

Robert Todd Jobe (Ph.D. Ecology, 2006, White)
Biodiversity and Scale: determinants of richness in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Joel M. Gramling (Ph.D. Biology. Ecology, 2006, Peet)
“Understanding local and regional plant diversity: species pools, species saturation, and the multi-scalar effects of plant productivity”

Patricia M. Corry (Ph.D. Biology, 2006, Peet)
Vegetation dynamics following grazing cessation on the Channel Islands, California

Weimin Xi (Ph.D. Biology, 2005, Peet)
Forest response to natural disturbance: Changes in structure and diversity of a North Carolina Piedmont forest in response to catastrophic wind events

David B. Vandermast (Ph.D. Biology, 2005, White)
“Disturbance and long-term vegetation change in the high-elevation deciduous forests of Great Smoky Mountains National Park”

Jason D. Fridley (Ph.D. Biology, 2002, Peet)
“The influence of species diversity on ecosystem productivity in different environments: Experimental plant communities and theory”

Rebecca Louise Brown (Ph.D. Ecology, 2002, Peet)
“Biodiversity and exotic species invasion in southern Appalachian riparian plant communities”

Cecil Carlysle Frost III (Ph.D. Biology, 2000, Peet)
“Studies in landscape fire ecology and presettlement vegetation of the southeastern United States”

Jon Harrod (Ph.D. Ecology, 1999, White)
“Disturbance history and ecological change in a southern Appalachian landscape: western Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 1936-1996”

Timothy D. Nifong (Ph.D. Biology, 1998, Peet & Radford)
“An ecosystematic analysis of Carolina bays in the Coastal Plain of the Carolinas”

Claire L. Newell (Ph.D. Biology, 1997, Peet)
“Local and regional variation in the vegetation of the southern Appalachian Mountains”

Kathleen F. Baker-Brosh (Ph.D. Biology, 1996, Peet)
“The genetic consequences of self-thinning in two populations of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.)”

Jeffrey D. Corbin (Ph.D. Biology, 1997, Peet)
“The effects of experimental nitrogen and phosphorus addition on a temperate deciduous forest ecosystem”

James Krause DeCoster (Ph.D. Biology, 1996, Peet)
“Impacts of tornados and hurricanes on the community structure and dynamics of North and South Carolina forests”

James Hazen Graves (Ph.D. Biology, 1995, Peet)
“Resource availability and the importance of herbs in forest dynamics”

Jeffrey C. Nekola (Ph.D. Ecology, 1994, White)
“Ecology and biogeography of isolated habitats: fens and algific talus slopes in northeastern Iowa”

Lauro Lopez Mata (Ph.D. Biology, 1994, Peet)
“Coexistence of Quercus and Carya in natural upland hardwood forests of the North Carolina Piedmont”

Susan K. Wiser (Ph.D. Biology, 1993, Peet & White)
“Vegetation of high-elevation rock outcrops of the southern Appalachians: composition, environmental relationships, and biogeography of communities and rare species”

John B. Taggart (Ph.D. Biology, 1990, Radford & Peet)
“Inventory, classification, and preservation of Coastal Plain savannas in the Carolinas”

Donald E. McLeod (Ph.D. Biology, 1988, Radford & Peet)
“Vegetation patterns, floristics, and environmental relationships in the Black and Craggy Mountains of North Carolina”

Robert B. Allen (Ph.D. Biology, 1988, Peet)
“Latitudinal variation in southern Rocky Mountain forests”

Robert G. Knox (Ph.D. Biology, 1987, Peet)
“Hypothesis testing in plant community ecology: analysis of long-term experiments and regional vegetation data”

Joan Walker (Ph.D. Botany, 1985, Peet)
“Species diversity and production in pine-wiregrass savannas of the Green Swamp, North Carolina”

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Masters Students

Jinny Alexander (M.S. Ecology, 2018, White)
“The effects of invasive earthworms on understory plant community composition in sugar maple-basswood forests of the Chippewa National Forest, MN over two decades.”

Karl Fetter (M.S. Biology, 2014, Weakley)
“Extinction, migration, speciation – a post-glacial history of the population structure, phylogeography, and biodiversity of  Liriodendron tulipifera L. (Magnoliaceae)”

Naomi Schwartz (M.S. Ecology, 2012, White & Moody)
“Fire ecology and fire management in the Southern Appalachians: rationale for and effects of prescribed fire”

Nick Adams (M.S. Ecology, 2012, Peet & Randall)
“A synthesis of rights-of-way native plant communities: identifying their relevance to historical and contemporary Piedmont savannas”

Kimberly Israel (M.S. Biology 2012, Peet)
“Vegetation change in the Duke Forest, 1977-2010”

Megan Allen Faestel (M.S. Ecology, 2012, Weakley & Peet)
“Classification and description of alluvial plant communities of the North Carolina Coastal Plain”

Stephanie Seymour (M.S. Ecology 2011, Weakley & Peet)
“Vegetation of non-alluvial wetlands of the southeastern Piedmont”

Emily Behler Bidgood (M.S. Ecology 2011, Weakley)
“Reaching a million: Land conservation patterns and process in North Carolina, 199-2009”

Kristie Wendelberger (M.S. Ecology, 2010, Weakley & White)
“Assessing microsite and regeneration niche preferences when introducing endangered species”

Jasper McChesney (M.S., Ecology, 2010, Peet)
“Realizing the Niche’s Breadth: Inferring Ecological Process with Species Generalism”

Andrew D. Gerschutz (M.S. Biology, 2009, Peet)
“Changes in old-growth and second-growth eastern hemlock Tsuga canadensis communities in the southern Appalachians after the introduction of the hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae”

Brenda Wichmann (M.S., Plant Sciences, 2009, Wentworth)
“Vegetation of geographically isolated montane non-alluvial wetlands of the southern Blue Ridge of North Carolina”

Amanda Senft (M.S. Biology, 2009, Peet)
“Species diversity at ecotones.”

Dahl Winters (M.S. Ecology. 2009, Moody)
“Arctic plant migration by 2100: comparing predictions with observations.”

Andrea Jones Gramling (M.S. Ecology, 2006, Peet)
“A Conservation assessment of Packera millefolia, a Southern Appalachian Endemic”

Sarah Marcinko (M.S. Ecology, 2007, White & Randall)
“Pattern and process in rare plant conservation: An assessment of the Southeastern U.S.”

Jessica Kaplan (M.S. Ecology, 2005, White)
“The relation of understory grasses in longleaf pine ecosystems to fire and geography”

Elissa Rachel Hochman (M.S. Biology, 2004, Peet)
“Lower Roanoke River hydroperiods: Altered hydrology and implications for forest health and species response”

Kristen Taverna (M.S. Ecology, 2004, White & Peet)
“Mature hardwood forests of the central Piedmont of North Carolina: landscape distribution and understory change”

Michelle Ann Cawley (M.A. Ecology, 2003, White)
“Habitat modeling of invasive plants in Great Smoky Mountains National Park”

Mark Knott (M.A. Ecology, 2001, Peet)
“Prescribed burning activity in remnant longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) ecosystems of North and South Carolina: patterns, influencing factors, and policy recommendations”

Mary McRae James (M.A. Ecology, 2000, White)
“Legumes in loamy soil communities of the Carolina Sandhills: their natural distributions and performance of seeds and seedlings along complex ecological gradients”

John Boetsch (M.A. Ecology, 2000, White)
“Modeling the occurrence of rare plant populations at the landscape scale.”

Alaä L. (Wally) Craddock (M.A. Ecology, 1999, White)
“Seedling recruitment of an endangered Appalachian endemic (Sarracenia jonesii) and implications for site management.”

Rickie D. White (Ecology, M.A. 1999, White)
“The impacts of Hurricane Fran on a North Carolina Piedmont woodland.”

Peter Avis(M.A. Biology, 1998, Peet)
“The effects of nitrogen and phosphorus additions on the mycorrhizal inoculum potential of an oak-maple forest at Mt. Lake, Virginia, USA.”

Sarah Rollins Palmer (M.A. Biology, 1997, White)
“Calcareous glade communities in the Central Basin of Tennessee: the effects of scale on community classification.”

Stephanie P.-V. Wilds (M.A., Biology, 1996, White)
“Gradient analysis of the distribution of flowering dogwood (Cornus florida L.) and dogwood anthracnose (Discula destructive Redlin.) in western Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”

Gwen (Thunhorst) Davis (M.A. Ecology, 1995, White)
“The seed bank as a buffer to change in population size, distribution, and genetic composition in the rare plant Rhexia aristosa at AntiochChurch Bay with implications to conservation.”

Janette Schue (M.A. Biology, 1995, Peet)
“The effects of nutrient and light levels on the development of size inequality in monospecificstands of Cosmos bipinnatus.”

Sonja Stiefel (M.S. Biology, 1993, Peet)
“The food forest: the eastern deciduous forest as a model for a sustainable perennial polyculture.”

Anne M. Richards (M.S. Botany, 1983, Peet)
“Herb distribution and microtopography in a northern hardwoods forest.”

Dorothy Scoville (Allard) (M.S. Botany, 1981, Peet)
“Herb and vine vegetation of single tree windthrow gaps in lowland forests of North Carolina.”

Mary Love May (M.S. Botany, 1981, Peet)
“Vegetation, seed reserve, and environmental relationships in the sandhills, Sandhill Wildlife Management Area, Hoffman, North Carolina.”

James D. Doyle (M.S. Botany, 1981, Peet)
“Adaptive significance of components of water relations in various races of red maple (Acer rubrum).”

William L. Baker (M.S. Botany, 1980, Peet)
“Alpine vegetation of Wheeler Peak, New Mexico: gradient analysis, classification, and biogeography.”

Orin Pete Council (M.S. Botany, 1980, Peet)
“Changes in biomass and productivity during succession in the Duke Forest.”

Gary W. Thorburn (M.A. Botany, 1980, Peet)
“Vertical crown distributions in hardwood stands of the North Carolina Piedmont.”

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Honors Students

Nitin Sekar (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 2008, White)
“The use of four elephant corridors by wild and domestic animals in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary”

Elizabeth Marx (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 2007, Peet)
“Vegetation dynamics of the Buck Creek Serpentine Barrens, Clay County, North Carolina”

Jessica Long (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 2006, Peet)
“The impact of hemlock wooly adelgid infestation on understory community composition in an old-growth forest in western Virginia”

Daniel J. McGlinn (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 2004, Peet)
“Community assembly rules in southern Appalachian oak forests”

Pailin L. Wedel (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 2004, White)
“An ecological evaluation of a poached stand of Aquilaria crassna in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand”

Sarah Aldin Pritchett (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 2001, White)
“The distribution of exotic plant invasion in natural areas of the North Carolina Botanical Garden”

Robert I. McDonald Jr. (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 2000, Peet)
“Increased dominance by Acer rubrum and the decline of the Quercus-Carya climax in the North Carolina Piedmont”

Kelly Buscher (B.S. with Honors, Biology, White)
“The effect of Abies fraseri mortality on Rugelia nudicaulis populations in the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park”

Christine C. Muth (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 1996, Peet)
“A comparison of understory tolerance measurements for woody plants.”

Chris Reberg-Horton (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 1994, Peet)
“Mountain Bog Management.”

Amanda G. McAdams (B.A. with Honors, Biology, 1992, Peet)
“Influence of canopy light regime on seedling growth and survival in forests of the North Carolina Piedmont.”

Rebecca A. Reed (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 1991, Peet)
“Scale dependence of vegetation-environment correlations.”

William H. Goodnight (B.S. with Honors, Biology, 1990, White)
“Germination strategy and seed bank analysis of the globally rare plant Thalictrum cooleyi”

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